fm&c is about choice.

Folio Marketing & Creative offers complete customized marketing and creative services to entrepreneurial spirits and businesses that care about the people and places around them.

fm&c is about passion.

The entrepreneurial spirit, when combined with passion and a strong work ethic, is the foundation of many ground-breaking businesses. Without it, there is no progress.

Whether it be running the family farm, pushing a cause forward, helping children in developing countries or striving to protect our environment, fm&c believes that optimizing socially responsible businesses is the means to a truly healthy economy.

Complement of services include brand development, strategic marketing planning, logo and website design, print advertising, email marketing, social media management, photography and more.

fm&c is about community.

Community is a state of mind. It means you live and love "local", wherever that may be for you. Whether you're offering goods within a 100-mile radius of your home base or you're running a business that creates meaningful jobs, being anchored in your community and helping it prosper is what it's all about.

fm&c is honored to have worked or be working with the following clients and strategic partners, most of which are Maine companies, all of them working in a community state of mind:

Maine Owned and Operated

Other Great Companies

fm&c is about focus.

For-profit, non-profit, retail or consumer goods, every business has a common objective: to succeed. Let's get it done by developing a strong visual identity and consistency marketing message together.