The Belted Galloways of Mitchell Ledge Farm

Loren at dawn

I visited MItchell Ledge three times in two months and each time, each day the temperature was below freezing. One day it was snowing furiously and the other had dangerously low wind chill temperatures. Covered with their dense, curly coats, none of the herd seemed to mind. To them it was just another day in the life on the farm - chewing, meandering, scratching, sleeping and being nonchalantly curious about what I was up to jumping fences, crossing their well-beaten paths and squirreling into their cozy spaces.

More than the belt, I am taken with their ears and eyelashes. I want to snuggle each one as though it is an enormous, gentle puppy. When the whispery chaos atop their ears catch the sunlight, it's magical.  And the closer I get, the more they flirt with their big baby brown eyes. I get just a bit closer. Thankfully, they don't seem to mind.

#1 - the bull

#2 - brown heifer

#3 - belties in snow

#4 - breath

#4 - hi

#5 - three belties

#7 - moo

#7 - moo

#8 - i'm yours

#9 - sweetness & light

#10 - below zero

Special Thanks to andy and Loren at Mitchel Ledge Farm